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Carnival Forum

Keep in touch with what's happening on the carnival front.

The significance of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is enormous.  When islanders are not celebrating it, they are preparing for it, while remembering the last year’s festivities.  While locals and tourist enjoy the colorful parade of bands through the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the importance of calypso and pan playing is also very important.

You can also see limbo competitions, stick fighting and costume competitions during the period coming up to Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Get information on Carnival Bands, events and memorabilia.

Carnival Celebrations

Trinidad and Tobago's annual Carnival festival -- the biggest and best in the Caribbean, and one of the top public celebrations in the world -- varies from year to year depending upon the Lenten calendar. Here are the 2009-2015 dates for Trinidad's Carnival - or at least Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the "official" celebration days, although the party always starts at least the previous Friday:

Carnival dates

Dates for the next five years are provided below.

  • 2009: Feb. 23-24
  • 2010: Feb. 15-16
  • 2011: March 7-8
  • 2012: Feb. 20-21
  • 2013: Feb. 11-12
  • 2014: March 3-4
  • 2015: Feb. 16-17

History of Carnival

Business and Banking

Information on the financial sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago are home to roughly 1.3 million people with an economy based primarily on energy based industries and tourism.  There are no restrictions on foreign banks or foreign borrowers in Trinidad and Tobago, and most Trinidad banks offer a wide range of services. There are 6 commercial banks, several foreign banks and roughly 130 credit unions. In addition to the Trinidad and Tobago central bank, banks in Trinidad and Tobago include: 

Central Bank

The Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago was established by an Act of Parliament on December 12, 1964 , following the gaining of Independence on August 31, 1962 . It was only the second Central Bank to be  established in the English-speaking Caribbean , the first being the Bank of Jamaica which was established in 1960.
The Central Bank holds a range of responsibilities including the exclusive right:

Commercial Banks

    Offers corporate and private banking services including savings and loan products. Check exchange rates and local financial news.
    Caribbean-owned banking and financial services group offers products for individuals, businesses and soverign governments.
    Access financial news, exchange rates, banking services and personal financial planning products. 
    Offers personal and business banking products and services including credit cards, loans and trade financing. 
    The Unit Trust Corporation is an investment company operating in Trinidad and Tobago. Our primary objective has been to give to clients quality service and better returns.

Business Forum

Information on doing business in Trinidad and Tobago.

If you are a business traveler, Trinidad can be considered the mecca of development in the Caribbean.  Our Banking system is one of the finest in this region.  We provide for those interested in investments  with a stock market which is a fertile ground for the buying and selling of shares. Visit the local stock exchange.  Trinidad’s Business services includes

  • Aviation and Automotive Services
  • Banking, Investment and Financial Services
  • Construction Engineering and Transportation Services
  • Energy and Energy Related Industries
  • Facilities Management
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environmental Standards
  • Manufacturing and Retail Distribution
  • Media, Publishing and Print
  • Professional Services and Private Sector Associations
  • Shipping, Port and Maritime Services
  • Telecommunications, Information Technology and Concepts
  • Travel, Tourism and Conference Facilities

Doing business in Trinidad and Tobago

 Doing business is a site hosted by the International Finance Corporation & World Bank and shows a summary of Doing Business 2011 data for Trinidad and Tobago. You get lists of the overall "Ease of Doing Business" ranking (out of 183 economies) and the rankings by each topic. Also find tables that summarize the key indicators and benchmarks against regional and high-income economy (OECD) averages.


Medical Services

A directory of services for guests visiting T&T for medical assistance.

If visiting for medical reasons please find the following list of medical services we've provided just for you.

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Institute Limited
    239 Western Main Road, Cocorite, PHONE: 868-628-4740, 622-9878, FAX: 622-7730, EMIAL: aci@acicares.com
    Services Offered: Cath Laboratory (diagnosis), Surgical Therapies, Heart Attack centre
  • Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre
    Fitzblackman Drive (behind the National Stadium), Port of Spain
    Services Offered: Radiation Treatment
  • Caribbean Medical Clinic,
    5 Queen's Park East, Port of Spain, TEL: 868-625-3944
  • Caura Chest Hospital,
    Mount Hope, TEL: 868-622-221
    Services offered includes respiratory deseases assessment
  • Caribbean Heart Care Medcorp
    18 Elizabeth Street, TEL: 868- 6281451, 628-8615
  • Child Guidance Clinic
    Eric Williams Medical Complex, Mount Hope,, TEL: 868- 645-2640
  • Community Hosiptal of Seventh Day Adventists
    Western Main Road, Cocorite, TEL: 868- 622-1191
    Siparia, TEL 868-649-0104
    Princes Town, TEL: 868-655-8096,
    Tobago, TEL: 868-639-4014
    Milford Road, Scarborough, Tobago, TEL: 868-660-7444
  • Emerald Medical Clinic
    Emerald Plaza, 11 Eastern Main Road, St. Augustine, TEL : 868-662-1858
  • Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
    Mount Hope, Mount Hope Medical Complex, Port of Spain, 645-4673 (Tel)
  • Emergency Medical Services
    1C Abattoir Road, Port of Spain,
  • Healthnet
    112 Eastern Main Road, Barataria, TEL: 868-675-9355
    Trincity Mall, Level 1, North Wing,Trinicity, TEL: 640-9355
    Couva Shopping Complex, Isac Junction, Couva, TEL: 868-636-9355
    94 Tragarete Road,St. Clair, TEL: 868-628-9355
    Administration Office, 93 Frederick Street, Port of Spain TEL: 868-623-9355
  • Health Services
    Chest Clinic, Mt. Hope,TEL:868-645-2640
  • San Fernando
    Chest Clinic, San Fernando,TEL 868-652-3875
  • John Hayes Memorial Kidney Foundation
    20 Willis Street,Belmont, TEL 868-623-6425
  • M R I of Trinidad & Tobago
    1-7 Fitz Blackman Drive,Port of Spain, 868-623-4674
  • Medical Associates
    Albert & Albercromby Street, St. Joseph, TEL 868-662-2766
  • Medical Associates Hospital
    Albert & Abercromby Streets, St. Joseph, TEL: 868-662-2766
  • Mount Hope Health Centre
    Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Uriah Butler Highway, Champs Fleurs, TEL 868-645-2640 or 645-2645 Ext 40
  • Mount Hope Maternity Hospital
    Eastern Main Road, Mount Hope, TEL 868-662-7153
  • Mount Hope Women's Hospital
    Mount Hope, TEL 868-662-7006
  • Port of Spain Hospital
    Port of Spain, 623-2951 (Tel)
  • St. Ann Hospital
    St. Ann, TEL 868-624-1151
  • St. Augustine Private Hospital
    4 Austin Street, St. Augustine, EMAIL saph@carib-link.net, TEL 868-663-7274/8909
  • St. Claire Medical Clinic
    18 Elizabeth Street, Port of Spain, TEL: 868-628-1451
  • St James District Health Facility
    St. James, TEL:868-622-2067
  • St. James Health Centre
    12 Lazare Street, St. James, TEL : 868-622-1142
  • St. James Medical Centre
    St. James, TEL : 868-622-4172
  • Serpentine Road Family
    4 Serptentine Road, St Clair, Port of Spain, TEL : 868-622-7340
  • Skin First
    87A Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna,TEL : 868-663-4749
  • Southern Medical Clinic
    26-34 Quenca Street, San Fernando
  • Valpark Medical Centre
    Valpark Shopping Plaza, TEL: 868-662-6284
  • Valsayn Medical Clinic
    Valsayn, TEL: 868-663-3252
  • West Shore Hospital
    239 Western Main Road, Cocorite,
    TEL: 868-622-9878, 622-9670, EMAIL: westshoremedical@tstt.net.tt, westshoremarketing@tstt.net.tt, FAX: 868-622-8206, 622-3289