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Our room titles contain elements of our national culture. Indulge your curiosity as you choose the room best suited to your needs. On the ground floor you'll be warmly welcomed at the Rapso.Riddim 'Ception, serviced by the Starlift Station.

  • Panorama Penthouse

    Hammered and tempered the steel pan produces the most beautiful sound.  It can awaken your dancing spirit with its pulsating rhythms, yet also lull you to sleep with its mellow, sweet strains. The Panorama Penthouse suite has these two effects providing spacious and convenient elements. Two beds and bath provide a cozy haven for friends or children on the first floor of the hotel. The Panorama Steelband Competition  began in 1963 when, they recieved support from government.  This competition is considered  the Premiere steelband event of the year. With Trinidad’s Independence on August 31st 1962, the Nations first Prime Minister, Dr ‘Doc’ Eric Williams put things in place to harness the raw talent which was heard in steelband talent on the streets.  The government he headed sponsored this National Competition and it continues to thrive in Trinidad.  More: www.panonthenet.com/bands/tnt/index.html

  • Sparrow Stateroom

    For a touch of the playful spirit, the ambience of the Sparrow Stateroom, combines elements of comfort and spaciousness.  Just as the calypsonian was a true maestro of the Calypso art form, so too do the clean, fresh lines of this suit embody accommodation fit for a king.Sparrow is a calypsonian recognized for his magnificent play on words, his saucy lyrics and other calypsos both entertaining and controversial.  When in 1956, he won Trinidad's the Carnival Road March with ‘Jean and Dinah,’ nothing could hold him back. More: http://www.mightysparrow.com/

  • Sundar Suite

    This magnificent suite named after Sundar Popo is a home away from home with a view of the street and its own private bath. The famous Sundar Popo was from a musical family.  As a teenager he began singing bhajans (Hindu hymns) at church and weddings. Later he branched into a popular new genre which combined Hindu lyrics with English.  It was his music that changed the face of Indian music in Trinidad.  His first success was Nani and Nana after which he recorded over fourteen more albums.
    More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sundar_Popo

  • Noble Nook

    This room dedicated to the graceful Noble Douglas sports a double bed and overlooks Delhi Street.Noble Douglas has been driven by a vocation that could not be ignored. This veteran dancer has spent all her life producing the best whether in performance or in teaching.  While young she danced ballet and played the piano.  The passion of her life gripped her in Canada after she had performed on stage and studied ballet formally.  She had to do dance. More: http://www.meppublishers.com/online/caribbean-beat/past_issues/index.php?pid=2000&id=cb91-1-32. http://www.nalis.gov.tt/Biography/bio_NobleDouglas.html.

  • Carol La Chapelle

    Carol La Chapelle followed her dream to become a dancer and later formed her own dance company.  Many young dancers have blossomed from under her wing and she continues to inspire many with her beautiful choreography.  More: http://www.newsday.co.tt/features/0,111656.html

  • Sound Rev Studio

    The Sound Rev Studio has been designed specifically to  make a visit easy for  the physically  disabled in mind.  There is room reserved for the storing the wheel chair and it is right next to the gym on the ground floor. Sound Revolution is one of Trinidad and Tobago's best-known brass bands. They have rocked this country with hits like  Shake It, Put Your Hand On Your Head And Wine, Dollar Wine, Stay, Play The Music, Last Wave and Don't Stop The Party. More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3Wj8KScMT4 

  • Dil E Nadan Den

    For a cosy atmosphere the Dil E Nadan bedroom overlooks the hustle and bustle of Delhi street.  With a private bath and beautiful furnishings you won’t want to leave this room named after a top rated orchestra. Dil –E-Nadan is a dynamic group which won the Prime Minister's Trophy for best Indian orchestration in 1962.  Formed in 1957 by the late Usaf Khan and Ramnarine Moonilal is well known for their excellent performance both locally and internationally. More:  http://www.dilenadan.info/

  • Plummer Place

    A place for throwing off the cares of the world this site features one double bed and private bath. Just as Denyse Plummer was on the edge of the mainstream calypsonian, so too this room is tucked away and will provide the sanctuary you are looking for. Denyse Plummer pop singer turned calypsonian, debuted into the Carnival arena in 1986 at Skinner Park.  Her work was unappreciated by an audience accustomed to black performers.  Undaunted, she overcame with her scintillating performances, the prejudice within the Calypso  genre which traditionally was seen as Afro-Caribbean, to become one of Trinidad and Tobago’s   leading calypso performer. 
    More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denyse_Plummer

  • Beryl McBoudoir

    The grand dame of dance Beryl Mc Burnie was a fighter as well as a premier artist and she worked assiduously to fulfill her dream for dance in Trinidad and Tobago.  She battled to found and build the Little Carib Theatre going as far as England to obtain funding or the project. Her dance and choreography inspired dancers for decades.  She is considered to be a pioneer of black dance and received special tributes from the Alvin Ailey Dance Company of New York. More: http://www.bestoftrinidad.com/profiles/mcburnie.html  

  • Rikki Jai Ranch

    The stage of Spektakuala Forum lit up in 1989 when the young Rikki Jai capruted the hearts of calypso lovers sa he serenaded them with Sumintra a song composed by Gregory Ballantyne.  One of the country’s most loved and popular entertainers Rikki Jai spins out calypso and chutney  with a fan base spanning all races, Indian, African, Chinese, White.
    More: http://www.nalis.gov.tt/Biography/bio_Rikki-Jai-entertainer.htm  

  • Despers Domain

    Three bands out of Laventille came together to form The Desperadoes Steel Orchestra.  This pan side has made worldwide appearances and performed at International venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall and along with Luciano Parvarotti.  The rich, pulsating sound of this steelband’s infectious arrangements break out to delight all audiences.
    More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7svQ3OlQ8nk http://w infectious arrangementsww.trinbagopan.com/steelpan/Roy-Corrigan.htm

  • Legacy

    The Carnival band Legacy emerged out of Legends and is headed by Mike Antoine.  ‘Big Mike’ as he is more commonly known has a passion for Carnival and has won Band of the year five times.  He continues to make a bold statement in the Carnival arena with Legacy a band catering to the every need of its masqueraders.  More:  http://www.legacycarnival.com/about.htm

  • Minshall Manor

    In this stately room you can find the relaxation you seek or if you are a business traveler the convenience of internet connections for work. Peter Minshall, a name renowned internationally is an artist and designer extraordinaire.  It was he who immortalized the art of the ''dancing mobiles'', a form of performance art that merges human dance with giant puppet sculptures that tower life-like over the masquerader who carries it.    This special form of art has become a masquerade tradition in Trinidad Carnival and was presented to the world in grand style in the Olympics of 1996. According to Minshall there is more to Carnival mas than fancy costume.  He believes it is a powerful vehicle for social and spiritual statements.  One of the saddest things he says is the "abandoning of the Carnival to the market.". More:  http://www.carnaval.com/tnt/minshall/.

Things to do

When staying in St.James there's a lot to make your stay enjoyable!


In addition to its close proximity to the Western Main Road retail strip, our inn is minutes away from Long Circular Mall, West Mall, Starlight Plaza Ellerslie Plaza, Shoppes of Maraval, No 1 Woodbrook place and the Movie Towne Shopping Complex.

Restaurants & Bars

Our guest can capitalize on the multi-cultural profile of St. James, which is home to a diverse range of dining establishments spanning the spectrum from Gourmet to Ethnic to Fast Food. For every Restaurant, one can find a Pub, a Wine Bar or just a neighbourhood Watering Hole!


The city that never sleeps offers a wide range of leisure activities within walking distance. In addition to the Movie Towne Cineplex, guests can experience the green side of the city at the Emperor Valley Zoo and the Botanic Gardens, go kayaking or jet-skiing in Carenage or join the party at several Nightclubs in the neighbourhood. Guests can also experience Trinidad's world famous Beach, Maracas Bay – a forty-five-minute drive to the island's north coast, where the local delicacy, Bake and Shark, is not to be missed!

Medical Services

Culture Crossroads Inn is minutes away from several leading medical institutions – St. Claire Medical, West Shore Medical, Alexandra Medical, Goodhealth Medical, St. James Medical, a walk-in clinic at Doctors' Inn, and the Port of Spain General Hospital, the nation's major health and emergency facility. Other nearby support / specialized medical facilities include the St. Claire MRI Centre, MRI of T&T, Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre and St. James Radiology Centre.